Race Report: Swimrun Costa Brava Half 2018

Short and sweet you might think, to do half a race. But with the mentality to “sprint” for 3 hours, it turned out quite tough. Swimrun Costa Brava Half with my Wild Coast Swimrun Camp partner Mia Rohman was fun …

Stroking solo? Check out Fanny’s swim tips and sets

It’s winter and pool-swimming season for most of us. Sometimes, you might not have your best buddy there, or can’t make it in time for your awesome team swim. Maybe you’re on vacation with the fam at some exotic place …


Hello Swimrunners

Welcome to the WILD Swimrun news! Stay tuned – soon lots of exciting and useful Swimrun-related info will show up here 😀


Race Report: ÖtillÖ Swimrun World Championship 2018

Last fall, I decided it would be cool to give it a shot at winning the Swimrun World Championship 2018. I prepared for Monday 3 September 2018 since then, working hard to improve my running. As the weeks and months progressed, I …